Introducing EZRA AI

Conversational AI -
Call Center POS Interface

Technology for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry – But designed for:

Restaurant Automation

For Your Business!

Order Taking with Voice Recognition AI

Think of Ezra AI as Siri’s Cousin
But Integrated With Your Clients' POS

This allows Ezra to simultaneously place thousands of orders for thousands of customers from thousands of locations into a stores POS.

Customer Experience Packages

Integrated Call Center

100% Human Agents- No AI

  • Specialized Call Center agents serve the customers
  • API integration with the POS
  • Integrated Payment gateway
  • Store based reports on customer satisfaction, KPIs, call statistics
$24/ Week
Technology fee
$0.00/ order
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Al Driven Call Center

100% Human Call Agents Assisted by Ai

  • + All the features of integrated Call Center
  • Personalized Welcome message and Thank you message Al assistant
  • Delivery address validation through Al
  • Returning customer experience through Al with no human intervention
  • Al assisted upsell prompts for the call center agent
$12/ Week
Technology fee
$0.39/ order
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Personalized AI Text assistant

100% Al Assisted by Human Agents

  • + All the features of Al driven call center
  • Personalized Al assistant for the brand
  • Text orders taken by Personalized Al assistant
  • Customizable logo, voice
  • Human fallback in case of Al failure
  • Text Messages to customers based on events and promotions
$24/ Week
Technology fee
$o.69/ order
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Personalized AI 360


  • + All the feature of Personalized Al Text Assistant
  • Phone Orders taken by Al Assistant
  • App on Google Home devices powered by Personalized Al Assistant
  • App on Google Assistant powered by Personalized Al Assistant
  • Website Chat Widget powered by Al Assistant
  • Facebook text ordering powered by Al Assistant
$12/ Week
Technology fee
$0.99/ order
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Four Different Configurations


Non-AI Call Center
POS Interface

This configuration may not have AI but still allows call agents to enter order directly into a POS system by using a direct integration.


100% Call Agent –
with Ezra AI support

System is configured for call agents however the AI fills in and completes the order for the agent, making the order faster & more accurate.


100% of Calls Taken
by Ezra AI

System is configured for AI to handle the call. 
If the AI confidence score is low the call is automatically transferred to an Intent Specialist.


Part Call Agent and
Part Ezra AI

System is configured for any percentage of calls to be handled by either Agents or Ezra AI. Ezra AI helps when things get busy, there are no available agents, or there is a spike in call volume.