Jeffrey Morin


Since 1995, Jeff has owned and operated six different businesses. As an entrepreneur, Jeff learned early on to do what you do best and outsource the rest; by doing so, you can grow your business faster and do so more efficiently.
In 1997 Jeff discovered Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He could not believe how much time and money he could save by utilizing these services. Furthermore, the peace of mind he received knowing that HR professionals were handling all of his State and Federal Compliance issues, Risk management, HR Legal, Benefits, and Payroll was an added benefit.

Several years later, Jeff started utilizing international call centers for sales and customer service. He began referring numerous business owners in his community to try these services. Jeff realized that small and mid-sized companies (15 employees to 5,000 employees) could use these services but most did not know they existed. He has been in the BPO business ever since.

He is now adding Ezra’s conversational AI to the services he outsources to middleware companies, POS companies, and even other call centers.

Ezra uses machine intelligence to learn your restaurant, brand and menu in fine detail and gets better the more it's used.